Job Detail

Full Time
First Officer
Boeing B777

Boeing 777 - First Officers Required

Job Description:

Terms and conditions:

  • Starting date: Est. Mid-June 2022
  • Location: Asia
  • Monthly fee: USD 5,800 per month
  • Working pattern: Commuting and to be confirmed
  • Up to 90 hours per month
  • Accommodation: Provided, in airline standard hotel
  • Ground transport: Provided
  • Positioning flights: Provided
  • International Health Insurance: Provided



  • Valid Licence and B777 type-rating endorsement
  • Valid LPC/OPC on B777
  • Last flight on B777 within last 12 months (preferably)
  • English ICAO level 4 or above
  • Valid Medical Class 1
  • At least 2000h total flight hours
  • At least 500 SIC hours on type



  • Resume
  • Valid Licence with valid B777 TR endorsement
  • The last 3 pages of the logbook, including the total hours and last flight on B777
  • Valid Medical Class 1
  • Passport (Valid 1 year)
  • Last proficiency check report on B777
  • No accident/ incident letter from the CAA/last airline

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