Watch: Emirates invites aspiring pilots to train at its academy – some may even get a chance to join the airline

10 Nov, 2021

Demand for pilots will continue to grow globally and within the region, says official

Dubai: Emirates airline has begun inviting UAE Nationals and residents as well as international candidates to join its cadet training program.

Graduates will have the opportunity to become pilots with the Dubai-based carrier once they pass a selection process. Emirates said that potential applicants could take advantage of “competitive” tuition fees for the two-year training period, which also covers training materials, accommodation, dining, and uniforms, among other expenses. Emiratis seeking careers as pilots may have the opportunity to be selected for a fully-sponsored pilot training program. Located in Dubai South, the Emirates Flight Training Academy is spread over 164,000 square meters and includes 36 classrooms and next-generation simulators. The academy also has a 1,800-meter dedicated runway with navigation aids and lighting, an independent air traffic control tower, rescue and firefighting service, and a maintenance center.

"We are pleased to offer this unique opportunity for Emirates Flight Training Academy graduates to pursue their flying career at Emirates - this is an exclusive initiative launched by the airline to provide opportunities for UAE Nationals, residents and international students wanting to build their careers as pilots,” said Adel Al Redha, Chief Operating Officer at Emirates Airline, in a statement.

The Emirates Flight Training Academy reviews applications on a continuous basis, and new students are taken in every other month. “The demand for pilots will continue to grow globally and within the region, despite the recent pause that we have seen as a result of the pandemic,” said Abdulla Al Hammadi, Vice President of the Emirates Flight Training Academy.