Trust Us

Trust Us

Taking your safety and security seriously

At AirCrew Connect, we understand the importance of security in across our platforms. Therefore, we have implemented an ID verification check within our website and smart phone App. Each crew member or recruiter on AirCrew Connect applying for an account must validate their official ID before they can post or apply for jobs. This makes sure each job is genuine along with the crew members applying for them. This gives peace of mind and assurances to both parties. 

Verifying ID

All recruiters and crew members have their ID verified by way of cross checking the passport picture and photo profiles. We manually verify each profile to ensure all accounts are genuine by way of cross checking social media feeds against pictures and passport information. Any account that does not pass our internal check will be blocked. We shall give each member the opportunity to rectify their account however, repeat offenders and their IPs will be blocked permanently.


How it works

When you upload a passport you will also need to upload a profile picture too. The profile picture needs to match your photo on your ID, and your ID must appear to be valid. If your pictures do not match, you’re under 18, or your ID doesn't appear to be valid, your account will be rejected. 


Reviews & Profiles



To ensure that the right crew member is matched with each job offered, we need each crew member to be as comprehensive as possible when completing their profiles. Each crew profile will have information such as type ratings, ground courses, hours and experience with copies of crew members medicals and license validations too. With the help of this detailed information, each recruiter can quickly accept/reject or find and select the right crew member for their needs. 


As a recruiter, you can search for a particular crew member giving you ability to match the right candidate for each job posting. Alternatively, you can wait for the crew members to apply to your job and filter them accordingly. This is only possible if crew members complete as much of the profile as possible.

First Class Quality

We strive to provide the industry with the best up to date jobs. Each job posted is direct from the employer, recruiter or flight department. Its accuracy is important. Jobs which are duplicated shall be deleted from the site immediately. Should you suspect there are less than genuine jobs advertised email please immediately email us or alternatively complete the contact form here.


Do you have any further questions? If so, visit our FAQ to find out more.


February 2019